Monday, August 3, 2015

A Very Special Christmas Ornament

                                             That's right "Christmas in August"
 I know we are still milking summer for every last day and hour to be in the sunshine before kids go back to school and it officially turns into fall and we slide right into the Holiday season.  
                                        But this is a special Christmas in August, 
I was asked to design a special Christmas ornament for Second Mile Haiti using their beautiful handmade beads to help kick off their holiday season and raise funds & awarness for this beautiful  project. When I got the email from Karen asking if I would do this i was completely humbled to be a small part of such a large labor of love of humanity. Marty and I both follow and read their posts and blogs and are so amazed at the vision two young women had has turned into.
                                                    Its an  A M A Z I N G     project 

Marty took pen to paper and started sketching immediately and long story short he came up with the design that solidified how we felt about SECOND MILE HAITI

                                                            The heart is  L O V E 

                                                              The cross is F A I T H

These are the two things we see when  looking at second my Haiti , Love & Faith 
From everyone involved mothers, babies, caretakers, teachers, nurses and those who donate from from far away with heart/love and faith in God and each other all things are possible. The heart red and surrounds the blue cross, both the colors of the Haitian flag ~
All these ornaments will be hand made from these beautiful paper beads of promise also hand made  by a few of the mothers from Second Mile Haiti.

                                                      Let's make a difference together 
Help us share Second Miles on going story of sustainable humanity, these ornaments will make beautiful gifts and will help the efforts of a loving growing community of Mothers and their Children. 
You can follow Second Mile Haiti 
                                                          on Facebook and                                    
They will be selling the red and blue ones for 20.00 ( limited supplies) 100%goes directly back to the program~more details to follow ~ let me know if you would like to order one ❤️ Blessings 
                                                                Kathy Jo 

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