Monday, March 9, 2015

The Big Dig

So this was the start of the Big Dig...We decided that watering grass you can't
eat in a drought is not what we wanted to do .. So the backyard is slowly being transformed into our
"Urban City Garden"

Then we went out side one cool morning and started measuring the size of our first garden bed..
We figured we would start small and grow from there,
 So Marty dug an outline in the grass..

We knew this was going to be a big project, 
a labor intensive one!!!
Lord willing one that would be
 paying for itself for along time to come..
We  see everywhere how our food 
is no longer what we remember it to be with
Monsanto at the helm of GMO farming not
 only in American farming but across
the glob (if they can) and with our FDA not helping matters
  leaves very little room for  Organic
 gardening, farming to thrive .... 
We stand united and demand  LABELING for GMO's
and put our hard earned dollars into supporting 
 Organic, sustainable farming  foods for our family... 
Yes it time consuming to Garden and Yes is expensive to buy organic and sustainable dairy and
beef and chicken and fish...BUT.... It's also time consuming and expensive to visit  Doctors for illness 
and have them  prescribe medication
 to treat the symptoms but do not treat the core problem.
High Cholesterol, hyper tention and the list goes on..... I truly believe EVERY Family Dr. office should
have a nutritionist on staff ...  But would people listen???!!!

Back to the Dirt!!
 Who knew digging could be so exhausting??  our bodies have been sore and our hands
ache.... We starting looking each other and scratching our heads and saying are we crazy doing this at our age?
Then we laugh and keep going...But we have decided to do just one bed right now and master it... We still
need to do irrigation, organic bug & weed control and if we have a great crop {Would be awesome Lord, just saying and praying}  theres canning and preserving what we can't eat fresh... Hopefully our children will help us out there..
Our raised bed is not so raised but we are okay with that... We decided  not do the treated wood but rather the cement blocks thinking this would last a very long time...probable out last us.. :}} Our creative brains thought why not put little Herbs, succulents and flowers in some of those block holes... Im sure some of you are shaking your heads saying...Hmmm
not sure Id do it that way... But thats the beauty of gardening....To each their own..
Okay so this brings us to this past weekend.... our little bed is ready to have the soil treated...Meaning turning it over
with some of our Composting we have been doing this past year.....O!!!! that is another Blog post in itself..Never knew
how fun composting could be...Worms, Worm tea, Castings...Ect....
We are hoping by Easter we will be planting if not sooner ..
If you are a gardener and have advice we would welcome it..Please leave us a comment..
Just another small note..Our grand babies love the garden, they are only 2 & 5 but watching them
go see if their seeds have sprouted or if the strawberries are ready to pick is a treat...
I really urge all of you to start a garden how every small or big and just grow
something.....Its really pretty amazing....
Spring Blessing to al of you....

Kathy jo


  1. I think this awesome , what you are doing!!!!!! No advise, cause I grow my stuff in the Miracle Grow bags.

  2. I hope you enjoy growing plants. Keep us updated and do not forget to share the pictures. Keep up the hard work. Happy gardening!