Tuesday, September 30, 2014


FALL is staring to cover the land with its blanket of coolness and pictures of amazing recipes for the harvest and holidays appear everywhere...But in Haiti and many other countries there are families wondering if they will eat at all that day and if their children will last through the night due to malnutrition. 
Im just sharing with you my thoughts my desire to help~ There are always opportunities to help those here in our own communities and families yes this is true but along with that I wanted to find a way i could give of myself to help those who are not in a country that are afforded the opportunities that we have for assistance. 
As Artist going into the Holiday Season i wanted to use my art to bring awareness and help those less fortunate.  The smallest act of kindness could change a life.  

Id like to share 
Second Mile Haiti


Hungry people  particularly women  are systematically denied the right to meet their basic needs due to deeply entrenched social conditions. Ending hunger requires restoring people’s ability to secure and protect their own basic human rights — to break the inherited social constraints that hold them back. This is what we mean by “empowerment.” 

 began as the vision of two young women, Amy Syres and Jenn Schenk. After working at the Haitian orphanage for over a year, they realized that taking children from their families wasn't sustainable answer to the cyclical problem of poverty and undernutrition . Second mile Haiti was born in the 2012 as a result of a desire to offer sustainable assistance and empowering opportunities to women who cannot afford food or medical care; to go beyond band-aids and handouts, towards lasting solutions that lift families out of extreme poverty.

I just recently made my first purchase of their beautiful paper beads and love them. I will continue to do so and use them in my art in hopes to bring a little more awareness to help this amazing effort to help build Sustainability & Empowerment in Haiti. 

Paper bead earrings 

                 Kathy jo

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