Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Farm to Table

It's exploding everywhere you look !!
There are gardens poping up everywhere and city folk are learning the value of #organic and #sustainable farming, hints the #farmtotable .. 
Is it just a phase ?  I'd like to think it's more of a revaluation of a society fed up with being fed literally "toxic waste" from our government. You know the stamp of approval that it's all good for you " FDA approved " makes you feel safe right ??!!
Not even, that's your warning label  to turn and run and pick up your pick and shovel and bag of seed for your own garden and research your farms for sustainability farming for all your meat. 
Eating  smarter now to avoid medical issues later!! Because our healthcare ....well don't get me started that's a whole other  blog post !! 
So brings me to canning ~fresh seasonal organic fruits and vegetables to enjoy later when the season changes. 
So grab a friend and head to your organic farmers market ( if you have your garden in your back yard your ahead of the game ) grab what's in season and affordable that you enjoy. 

Just have fun with it.  There are some great books on canning. 
Or do what everyone else does and pull up Pinterest for great receipes.  
       Cheers to a fun day of canning !!!! 
Don't forget a few selfies during the process !!  #blondeurbanfarmchics !!!
                      Kathy jo 

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