Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Summer projects

              Relaxing on the patio with friends and family.  That's what I want to find more time for this summer. We have been working on our garden and patio repairs before the summer heat is here ( I think it's already here!) in hopes of finding more time to entertain with some decadent  BBQing ~ Our latest brainstorm is to have a Patio art showing of Marty's paintings and my jewelry mid summer ~ Since I have never had a home trunk show  thinking this might be fun... Appitizers, wine, music make it a summer treat!!   
            In the mean time we will keep plugging away on our little " never" ending projects...
Little sample of Martys talent ~ Costal surfs on canvas using oils  ~ he is also going to be making some unusual recycled wood frames ~We half jokingly say we want to buy a motor home travel and do shows up and down the coast ..
Why not.....  right??   
                            Kathy jo

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