Monday, June 27, 2016

Urban farm girlz and bacon

Urban Farm girls having fun at the Bacon brothers concert 

Cheers to a relaxing time in Temecula with good friends
Selfies in the vines

Got our concert bands on and ready to rock "Bacon style" 

The small dance floor was reserved for VIP ticket holders to share a few "Footloose" moves
but that didn't stop us or I should say me i dragged the Mr and my urban farm girl sister up at the end and
we danced the last
few songs ... Perfect night...
Remember that song "I hope you dance"  :}}

Kathy jo

Please jump on over and check out Debs blog she is just getting it up and running
lets send her some love


  1. wow! urban farm girls look very pretty, what wonderful women they are and the concert totally looks cool.A great way to relax and enjoy with friends!!! CHEERS. glad i came across this :D

  2. Hey kathy! you all are looking so cool and fresh. Seems like you people have really enjoyed your trip. It is always fun to spend time with friends no matter whatever the place is when you are with friends everything becomes fun.