Saturday, January 17, 2015

I am where I need to be

I'm Feeling like I'm getting a slow start to the 2015 year, although the start of the year has been anything but slow, {on a personal side}
But truth be told I haven't been in the studio one day this year!!!        {only to clean}

{Insert scream and panic, I have 
Shows booked I need to get busy}

So what's my deal?   
am I having designer block?  
am I lacking motivation?
do I not have enough gems in my studio to motivate me???  

{lol that last ones funny}

 I think my issue is, what do I make now?
  "I want to make  something different, new... but yet I like my old designs", says the little pixie on my one shoulder, while the little neurotic pixie on the other shoulder yells out "hello you've  been there done that move on !!
I just wan to slap that little neurotic one to the ground!!! 
          ~ Green tea, deep breath ~Or maybe a glass of wine :}}

   It's all good it's just my hormones...
That's it!   Maybe I should create a menopause line!!!!   Or maybe not :) 
Can you imagine the things you would stamp/say for a menopause line??? LOL!!

I think I'm just going to pause,
step back, reflect and then move forward but in the meantime I think Ill use my old designs for motivation for the new year~ 

I hope the start of your new design year is getting off the ground a little bit better than mine.    

{repeat to self}

Be grateful
 be creative
 be yourself!!

Hippie Couture  Macramé bracelets

Seaside Treasures 

Dreaming of Spring

Tattered dream cuffs 

Faithful treasures

Faded Prarie

European Couture

Trust your Journey.....

Kathy jo


  1. Okay, I think it is time for a Vintage Soul Sister planning party/meeting. ONE day a month (or two). Let's inspire each other this year! Dashed with a bit of VSS sister FUN!!!

    1. Im so ready for that!!! Okay Thelma you pick the first day for next month and lets make it stick!!! VSS Rule :}}