Wednesday, December 11, 2013

Father, Daughter project

The apple doesn't fall far from the tree ~
I know I get my passion for repurposing from my childhood. Raised in a family of 4 with mom at home raising the Whitney rug rats and dad brining in the house hold income we lived on a tight budget. 
Mom was amazing how far she could make a dollar go and dad could repair and fix up anything ~ They loved going to yard sales way back then... You know the 60's & 70s ~ while I was still a Kid/teenager I wasn't sure it was "cool" to get my bell bottoms from the front yard of some strangers house, I'd rather go to Funky damn near new or Judys ~ 
Looking back... My parents were super cool!! They knew what was up back then. I'm thankful for those grassroots of not over spending in large department stores and learning about what I call the neighborhood FleaMarket/yard sales and repair and fixing objects ~ in my opinion today's society's  young and some "mature" folks are just to disposable of most material things they have
worked hard to get, or someone did. Entitlement took the place of allowance and earn and buy it yourself and that trickles up to supple and demand, crazy cycle. 
Brings me to my  father daughter project, daddy went to a yard sale and found this lovely warn tattered vintage sitting chair and thought with a little TLC this would be a beautiful chair once again. I'm loving our plans for this yard sale score!!!  
Ill keep you posted on the outcome ~ 
               Kathy jo 

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