Saturday, October 26, 2013


Forgive me  (to self) it's been 6 months since my last post !!  So what the heck, where have you been, what have you been doing ?  Ha!!! If you only knew !!

Trying to balance the everyday life of wife, mom, Gma and O yah artist~
My path is blessed for sure,my time management not so much, but I'm getting there.. Perhaps if I didn't Pinterest, Instagram , Facebook or create I might have more time ? #lol #notgoingtohappen :)) so ill just keep getting up early and trying to do as much as I can in a day and burn the candle at both ends and from time to time go away on long weekends with husband to rest and do it all over again why?... Cause that's what most women do we are overachievers by nature remember we are from Venus !!! 
Hope to truly hit the pause button a little more in the coming new year and embrace me a little more and create!!
           ~getting ready for winter time trunk shows.            
    Here are some of my new inspiration and art~ 
         Love Free People* Love Vintage Textile~ My Inspiration Board~ Love the Lord* Love Tracy Porter
                                   Love the Boho look
                                 A few new Vintage Pretty                        


            It's my collective Soul of color, texture, vintage & love....enjoy~

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