Thursday, February 7, 2013

Unconditional love

Love thy neighbor
Meet Jean & Jake, my neighbors of 31 years ~Jake just turned 89 on the 4th & Momma Jean is 95. Got a call the other night at 3:27am from Jake, he said "grandma  was on the floor and he couldn't left her back into bed". So I woke Marty and we headed next door to help put grandma back to bed. We got there and she was sitting on the floor beside the bed with a blanket over her legs and she just looked up at us with a smile. (she always has a smile on her face) while Jake kept apologizing for waking us up and  repeating how upset he was he couldn't lift her up on his own. Marty told him don't worry its okay and we were glade to help, as we gently picked her up and got her back in bed under the covers I kissed her on the check and said, "goodnight" then we headed to the door for our warm bed. As we got to the door Jake started to cry, I asked him are you okay whats wrong?  He looked at me with tired eyes and said,"I couldn't lift her up on my own I need to take care of her"  I told him not to cry  I'm sue she understood and that he just needed a little help and that's okay and for him to get some rest. I laid in bed that early morning and was thinking about how precious life is and how much we really do depend on each other. Weather its family, friends or neighbors life would be very hollow without one another.  With February being the month of LOVE and with all the unfortunate madness out there in the world we really do need to take more time to  'Love your neighbor as yourself.' ~Mark 12:31



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