Friday, January 13, 2012

~Happy New Year Friends ~

So Happy New year my friends may this year be filled with creative new
beginnings ~ Try something new go ahead step out of your comfort zone you may surprise yourself~ This is one of my goals this year along with being more grateful everyday for all of my blessings even the ones I don't realize are blessings...
You know what I mean~

Id like to try painting this year~ Marty is so talented I'm hoping he will share some of that with me~wink

Sew a little~just a little~Maybe some
Purses. I have yards of Vintage fabric I have been saving..

Here's the big one Organize my studio!!!
I would love for it to look like this~
Need a studio facelift for sure~
Creative space for me is in my 1950's garage
Where women create would you be interested in
doing a page by page remodel story ??
That could be fun~
I realize some of us work in small areas making the most of it~
but in our creative minds it's 4000sq ft. :) of bliss

READ more ~Daily devotional ~
My friends blogs~just quiet time in general in the morning and evening..
Nothing like a glass of wine at night and somerset life
or one of the many wonderful Stampington magazines~

spend LOTS more time with the most amazing parents~ love you Mom & Dad...

Getting together More with family being the crazy laughing family that we are~
We have always been a very close family from day one~This last year we have gone through some tough times and our family stayed strong and continues to do so ~ I"m so thankful every day for my family~ Cant wait for our Beach camp out !!!

Ryan my handsome son~we need to have sister Susie update some photos for us.. I love the Christmas we spent in Cabo~ love our time together and our dinner and Trivia nights..

The best for last baby~
I'm so looking forward to 2012 for us~
love all of our crazy adventures and I'm ready for chapter 2~
love you~

~Happy New Year~

here's to a creative

New You!


  1. Happy New Year to you too Friend!!! What a lovely post & your photographs are amazing as always.
    Have a Wonderful New Year Kathy, filled with Joys & Laughter & Beautiful Design!!!

  2. Beautiful post and site!! Love those peonies on the table, and wow I love your studio you have so much stuff! Thats cool that you will get into painting also! You will love it!