Tuesday, November 1, 2011

~Mastering the Dive~

This is where we started a year ago with the first
dive class certification

Top of Shaw's cove ready for the night
dive~See all those stairs down to the cove?
long walk down with all that gear on and tank,
not to mention the walk back up after the dive.

the tide was low and the water was calm

In the morning the cove is just a buzz of divers getting ready to
dive but tonight only two brave divers wade out to the deep before they
dove into the dark waters.

As the sun sank into the ocean just as the boys did for their dive,
I sat on the beach in amazement of how beautiful the night was and
how proud I am of Marty and this year of hard work (besides the day job) of
training and diving to become a Dive Master.
~Baby you just amaze me~

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